New home, new name, new platform, new look!

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A goal of mine earlier this year was to begin blogging and sharing with the IT Pro community my experiences, implementations and designs as an IT Infrastructure Manager who has a distinct passion for Microsoft Technologies.  So my first blog came about with the name of Everything IT and Everything Not which was soon changed to George Khalil’s everything IT. During the last 6 months of blogging I have definitely learnt a lot about using various web blogging platforms, social media and a lot about the content that I was providing my readers with.

As you are already aware my passion is working with Microsoft Technologies with a very keen interest in Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and of course Windows.  So I re-thought my blogging strategy and have now moved from Google Blogger to a self hosted WordPress platform titled SharePoint George which you can now access via

SharePoint George is a resource purely dedicated to IT Pro’s, IT Managers, System Administrators and the like with a lot of focus on the 3 products mentioned above, having said that you will see articles appear here and there on “other” key Microsoft technologies that I work with on a day to day basis.

In addition to moving from to I have created a second blog which delivers general ramblings on social media, social networking, home users of PC and Mac and everything in between which you can access via Target audience is EVERYONE 🙂 Social Tech Geek came about from all the advice I have provided friends and family along the way and thought what better way to share the love other than through the world wide web.  Social Tech Geek is also on facebook so why not become a fan

Both blog setup’s are social media friendly and I have adopted JSKit latest’s Echo commenting system which I think is far more superior than Disqus and WordPress’ out of the box commenting system.

So to all my readers :), please ensure you update your RSS feed links to

Remember, you can also connect with me using the social media icons on the right navigation bar of this site and of course on Twitter

Let me know what you think of the new look….