SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 released to TechNet & MSDN subscribers – Rest of the public to follow soon.

Posted by on Nov 17, 2009 in SharePoint 2010

This has to be one of the most anticipated releases of the decade, SharePoint 2010 Beta 2.  SharePoint Developers, Architects and Administrators have been waiting anxiously to get their hands on the latest beta which may potentially be a “feature complete” release of SharePoint 2010, albeit in Beta form.  SharePoint 2010 Beta 2, and let’s not forget Office 2010 Beta with its bits and pieces are made available for download to TechNet and MSDN subscribers.  For those that don’t have those subscriptions, the predicted wait may only be a couple of days away, 18th November as stated by Mary Jo from ZDNet.

SharePoint 2010 came out of hiding during the SharePoint 2009 conference in Las Vegas several weeks ago and those who were lucky to attend were privy to hands on sessions and a plethora of seminars.  Well today, Microsoft have done a great job with providing Developers and  IT pros with an abundant amount of information regarding their latest release of SharePoint and in my own opinion are way ahead of where they were during SharePoint 2007 product’s release.

I will leave you with links to some resources from the  Microsoft TechNet site that will assist you with knowing as much as possible about this great framework.  I am sure the amount of resources made available will expand and extend as time goes by and as the product reaches final release and beyond.

For me, It’s download time baby and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with the product I have come to love over the years.  Expect to see an abundant amount of blog posts sharing my administration and end user experiences of the product.

Download SharePoint 2010

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